Sunday, March 25, 2012


These are tough times in our world, there have been several recent disasters which have effected the economy in a major way. Luckily shop keepers are in the business of haggling these days.

Everyone starts off with a set of clothes, a basic adventurers kit, backpack and a weapon (mundane) If you wish to shop for something let me know and we will haggle. :-)

Wealth Chart (players be honest when rolling please)

1: You come from a very wealth background the recent problems have not hit you as much as your fellows. 1000gp

2: The economy has hit you hard, you only have 300gp plus one lvl 7 magic item that you inherited from an ancestor.

3: Average wealth 500gp

4: you recently came into some money 600gp

5: you recently had your gold pouch stolen in a bar, damn rogues however you were able to salvage 100 gold you had in your shoe (uncomfortable, but hey it works) and he was not brazen enough to take your 2 magic items lvl 4 and lvl 5.

6: 700 gp, dang that was a good card game

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