Tuesday, April 24, 2012

formulating a plan

The man in the suit, rubs his chin with his hand while he thinks, “I am not sure I have seen such a creature”

Sheamus interupts. “Aye, I have, that is a Rakshasa, evil creatures, I have fought a few in my day” “What did it say before it disappeared? Did it cast a spell?”

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

To the dark forest we go...

After the figure disappears some people look to be going about their business. The boys mother is crying and being comforted by her friends.

Shameus looks distraught. “That poor boy, death to that figure, did anyone see what it looked like?”

A human male with short blond hair and blue eyes comes out of the dark forest dressed in a suit, he steps onto a plat form and begins to speak loudly. “I have just heard of the events that transpired here only a few minutes ago, this is not right, it shall not stand and we shall get the boy back. Those of you too mentally of physically weak to fight please go to sit in the tent, it is okay, there is no shame in not fighting. Those with the fortitude, skill and stregnth to fight please follow me to my tent in the dark forest.”

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

a terrible thing

The Mad Professor, As you stand in line you hear a child scream off in the distance beyond the entrance to the gate. You see the dragon born at the gate rip off his coat and tear a wooden plank off the gate, he takes off running towards the scream. Most of the others around you are standing there looking confused, some annoyed, no one seems like they are running to assist. Sheamus runs past you with his weapon out, “saying thats my queue”.

Yougotnick: You hear a child scream off in the distance

High Queen of Skyrim: You see a cloaked figure appear and grab the boy. The boy immediately screams for help. The cloaked figure takes off towards the dark forest. Most seem to be standing around doing nothing to help.

Lachlan Rocksoul: As you stand up to exit the tent you see a little boy around three years old standing looking out of a rip in the tent. His mother is not paying attention chatting away with another women. You see a cloaked figure appear out of nowhere and grab the boy. The cloaked figure takes off running, some people in the tent look horrified, but no one is stepping up to do anything. The boy starts screaming and you see the horror etched on his face.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

and it begins....

/No Initiative needed for this part, post your actions etc when ready!! /

You walk towards the dark forest and notice a large tent and then off to the side there are benches, the whole area is fenced off and one human and one dragon borne are standing at the entrance side by side; both are wearing nicely tailored suits with gold pouches attached to their belts, there is a line of people in front of the human male to gain entrance...the dragon borne is standing there looking downcast and shifting uncomfortably.....

You notice the Human hand an elderly human lady a gold piece and the human says something to her and she walks off to the right and into a large tent....

Sunday, April 1, 2012


Please roll initiative and post your roll below. this will be the order we will go in for this adventure. we will re roll every few encounters. I need these rolls posted by Tuesday 7pm.... i also need character sheets/backgrounds by Thursday 8am (you can e-mail them to me, or message them to me through the meetup.

The rules of play...

if you are talking out of character please use /xxxxxxxxxxx/

to keep pace of play I ask that everyone check frequently (daily/every other day) to see if it is their turn to go. I will check daily to keep the game going smoothly...

If I see that you have not played in awhile (3 days) after your turn begins, I may take over your character and play your turn for you...

If you would rather pass on your turn because life happens, that is fine... just type /pass/

If a majority of players want to keep the posting to once a week say on Tuesday that is fine just let me know...

A player may join this game at any time.... if you wish to join.. I need your character sheet/background.. you will need to create a screen name on blogger...and I will need your initiative roll e-mailed to me.. it may take a couple of days but I will work you into the game....