Tuesday, April 24, 2012

formulating a plan

The man in the suit, rubs his chin with his hand while he thinks, “I am not sure I have seen such a creature”

Sheamus interupts. “Aye, I have, that is a Rakshasa, evil creatures, I have fought a few in my day” “What did it say before it disappeared? Did it cast a spell?”


  1. Sora says, "the creature muttered 'I'm ready my Goddess' and then vanished with the boy. She also mentioned talking to someone named Antonio in the forest. I think he's a pixie?"

  2. Sheamus.. with a worried look on his face says.. "My Gods, if it is powerful enough to get a God to do its bidding we might have a hell of a fight on our hands" he begins to smile, "but then again I love a challenge."

    As soon as he says that the man in the suit says to Sheamus "Maybe you should sit this one out, let the young ones have at it, you should be resting at your age not fighting"

    Sheamus gets this angry look on his face, looks like he is about to say something, sighs and sits back, a sad expression on his face.

  3. Lanora nods at the suited man's words. "Aye, old one. Grant us the benefit of any advice you might give as to what we might encounter in these woods, but allow us to do the work."

  4. The man in the suit begins to look around the tent, "where have the others run off to?"

  5. (*sigh* Appears this game seems to have the same fate as every other PbP game I've tried...people just won't commit to posting regularly - if ever)